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GeronimoTV is a television production company formed in 2002 by Simon Pearce and Driana Jones -  two established programme makers Between us we  have over thirty years experience of making exciting, informative and entertaining television.

Whether it is for network broadcast, or corporate communication, we have the ideas to present your message in the most effective and cost effective way possible.

Simon Pearce



As a TV production company we are constantly developing new and innovative ideas and have a varied ‘shop’ available for production.

Our main aim is to make programmes that are interesting and entertaining.

We seek, most of all, to satisfy the interests of viewers across all ages and all genres.

Driana Jones

With a background in the arts, Driana has specialised in producing informative and entertaining childrens programming for the last 15 years with credits including Mr Maker, Art Attack and Zzzap.

She has freelanced for: The Foundation, Media Merchants, Hit Entertainment and the BBC.

Having started in TV as a Camera Operator at LWT, Simon has been directing and producing live and pre-recorded programming for over 20 years,

He is, also, a prolific writer.

His credits include: The Big Breakfast, This Morning, Light Lunch, and Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush


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